10 Amazing uses for Coconut Oil

I started incorporating organic unrefined coconut oil into my beauty regimen several years ago and I am loving all of its benefits and uses. Here are 10 ways that I have been using the oil.

  1. Gets rid of acne: I never had much of an issue with acne as a teen but once I got into my twenties like clock work every summer my chin would break out. I tried all of the over the counter acne washes and creames but nothing really seemed to work and keep the acne from coming back especially when I was under stress. Then one day, I was sitting in a lecture hall in nursing school when coconut oil was brought up. One of my friends mentioned how she use to have horrible acne until she used coconut oil on her skin. I was a little skeptical about using oil on my face to clear up my breakouts but after doing some research online I decided to give it a try. I was completely shocked at how well it worked. Make sure to use the organic unrefined coconut oil.
  2. Facial/Body Moisturizer: Don’t waste your time buying expensive facial moisturizers or body lotions. You can either use the coconut oil by itself or combine it with things like brown sugar or baking soda to make a body or facial scrub. I like to use it on my face and legs when I’m in the shower.
  3. Get Rid of Dandruff: I use to buy all of the expensive dandruff shampoos to keep my hair flake free but after awhile it didn’t really seem to work as well as it did in the beginning. Coconut oil has worked wonders on my hair and scalp. Not only does it moisturize my scalp but it will help condition you’re hair and add softness and shine to it as well.
  4. Repair Dry Damaged Hair: you can use the coconut oil as a hot oil treatment. It will repair damaged hair and make it silky smooth.
  5. Use as a Shaving Cream: Rub the oil on an area before you shave and it will keep skin soft and reduce irritation.
  6. Fight Bad Breath and Whitten Teeth: Oil pulling has been around for a very long time but has become more popular over the last few years. The idea is to swish about a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth for 15-20 min. By doing this the oil traps the bacteria. Other oils can be used as well but I like coconut oil best because it has antibacterial properties.
  7. Natural Makeup Remover: Remove your makeup easily by rubbing the oil on your face and then wiping it off with a tissue. Added bonus, your face will be nice and moisturized as well.
  8. Helps Reduce Cellulite: The oil helps break down the fatty deposits in the skin so that the skin appears another. You can apply the coconut oil by itself on the affected area or you can create a homemade coffee coconut scrub to help exfoliate and increase blood flow as well.
  9. Wrinkle Reducer: We can easily accelerate the aging of our skin through things like over exposure to the sun and smoking. Also acne medications can dry out the skin and cause similar damage. Coconut oil can help prevent and reduce wrinkles by boosting the production of collagen and encouraging the regeneration of cells in your skin.
  10. Stretch mark Reducer: The Vitamin E present in it helps to heal the scars and the vitamin K and iron encourages new cell production and removes the damaged cells, erasing signs of stretch marks.

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